Study Tips: How To Study For Long Hour, without Distraction


 How To Study For Long Hour without Any  Distraction|

A Recent Research Study shows that a Gold fish Has Concentration Spam of around '12' secend , Now we humans has concentration span of around '7-6' second.

 Now Day's EveryOne And Most Of Company Want Our Attention. Our Attention is Most Pricous Thing For them.  Almost everyone Is trying to grabe our attention and want to sell something to us.

   They Want attention either by Forcely or strategically . So if we Can not protect Our Attention then , it's Done.

  So Here are some Tips to build Strong Attention duration. If you follow this tips You can Focous on work.

1. Always Study in Silent Room: This Will help you to build Focous. Less Distraction more Focus you can bulid. 

Studying for long hour

2. Try to Complete Things Within Given time: Set timer for your work , this will help you to build mental time of any work. Mental time means , you are going to aware about completing any work within a given time period. Understanding of Mental time about any task , help you to master your time , you can you can speed up your process or slower.

3. Try to avoid multitasking: Multitasking means "doing multiple things in sample time period". Multitasking Distroy Our Natural flow of Focousing to anything. If you Switch "A" task to "B"  task , some Span of Attention Stick to privious Task "A" and take some time to Focous on Task "B". So try to stick with one task, don't do multitasking.

4. Try to avoid Electronics media: Electronic medium like mobile, tv, tablet, computer,etc. is main source of getting anyone's Attention by Visually and Sound. Most Of persons are distracted by those midium easily. 

5. Stick to Root: Root of us is main source of happiness and power. Here Root means most important thing that gives you happiness and by doing that you become more happy, more strong...  

  For you Root can be :- talking to your mother , talking to someone who is important to you. Doing things that makes you happy.

6. Do meditation: Meditation is the process of calming your mind , understanding emotions and organising thoughts. When you can organise thoughts , you can control yourself. When you can control yourself You can master anything.

7. Be pecent even a rood was not build in a day: Every great thing takes time to build. Pecent can help you to tolerate mental pain. Whenever we start anything new , that was not relevant to our privious expertise , mental pain start. If we could not be pecent on that period of learning phase , then we never can learn Anything.

Those are simple tips to Study long hour without Distraction. I hope this article is helpfull to you. Please comment us bellow what you thought about this.

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